Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yaounde, Cameroon West Africa!

Wait a minute... didn't you just go to the Philippines?

Yes... and now Al is going to Cameroon West Africa.

A Christian organization that we have worked with in the past, Construction for Worldwide Evangelism (CWE), built a clinic just outside Yaounde ten years ago. CWE is sending a team of doctors, dentists, nurses and evangelists (20 in all) to work in the clinic along side the national doctor that runs the clinic for a week. One of the evangelists was unable to go at the last minute and Al is taking his place. The Tampa portion of the team leaves for NYC on Friday July 31st, where we will meet up with team members from several other parts of the country and on to Cameroon.

The Medical team will be dealing with patients. Al and three other evangelists will share the gospel with each patient.

The people of Cameroon

Cameroon is just South of Nigeria
and next door to Chad in West Africa

Little country church...

It's all about the people folks!
You can pray for us.
  1. It will be very hot, pray that we, air condition addicts, will be able to tolerate the heat without ac.
  2. Pray for the medical team that they will be abled to treat many and correctly.
  3. Pray that many people will come to the clinic.
  4. Pray for the evangelists that they will communicate the gospel clearly and that many will respond to our Savior.
  5. Pray for the team... twenty people from several different parts of the country. Pray that we will work well together, be united in what we are doing for the cause of Christ and that we would stay well.

This is an exciting opportunity for Al and he is looking forward to the trip.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tampa Update

Not to be outdone by our Texas Townsends... we have our own ducks!!! As of today - just a pair. Any day now we expect to see a flock of little ones on the pond... I'm going to send them over to Texas to roost on Tracy's house!
We have finished painting the house! Well, almost. We still have some trim and a little touch up to do. But you can't tell unless you look very carefully. Steve and I are voting to wait until it cools down some. Judy is not seeing it as we do!

NO, Steve and I did not do those high places... Our son-in-law, Ryan, and our friend Merl Sperling came over and did those. Merl did the high places in the front.

Ryan got stuck with the awful back side on top of the screen porch. Not sure he will ever forgive me for tricking him into that, but I am forever thankful for his help. There is still a little trim up there Ryan and I still have some trim paint (inspite of the fact that you threw most of it on the ground!) :-) --- Thankfully it was paint that hit the ground and not Ryan. I'm not sure I could deal with Carly for hurting her daddy.
Special shout out to all the help I had painting the house. Our neighbors want to hire you, I am officially retired!