Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Home from the Philippines

We are home in Tampa after a successful trip to the Philippines where we teamed with a group of students from the Medical School of the University of Tennessee in Memphis. We broke up into two teams and ministered in six villages on the Island of Tingloy where we saw over 2,000 patients. Our team, along with two of the UT students saw over a thousand people. Each of them heard the gospel, had an opportunity to respond to Christ and had either dental and or medical needs met.

Waiting to see the Doctor after hearing the Gospel

Judy and her translator

Our days were long, it was hot and the bugs were many!
But Judy still hung in there!!

and loved every minute of it.
OK maybe she didn't LOVE the roaches...

Dr. Rao & patient.

Nipa hut on the water.
We traveled by boat each day to the village we were working in and spent the day there.
Your missionaries survived!
Note the volcano in the background.

Two of our UT students working with Dr. Reid.

Al presenting the Gospel.

Dr. Emma Ocampo sharing her testimony at church Sunday morning.
Dr. O and her husband, Oscar, were born in the Philippines and currently live in Tampa.

Part of our Sunday morning worship service. We met outside. Al was especially thankful for this opportunity because he was saved in the Philippines back in 1962.

Pastor Isaac translating the message Al preached.
We are thankful for the opportunity that was ours to visit the Philippines and serve God there. The people are incredibly friendly and very thankful for everything. The trip was long (over 24 hours of travel each way), it was hot, God opened doors of opportunity and the team worked well together. And best of all ... God blessed! People were saved, the local pastors were thrilled and anxious to do follow up. Praise God!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Philippines Bound

Team Philippines:
Megan Ocampo, Rajanie Rao, RN, Oscar Ocampo, Emma Ocampo, MD, Ray Reid, DDS, Ann Reid, Ann Rao, RN, Bala Rao, MD, Judy Melton, RN, Al Melton, Rev.

It is Mission Trip time...

We leave Tampa for the Philippines Thursday Morning at 7:00 AM. Seventeen hours later we arrive in Manila - ready for bed. Al will be preaching Sunday morning in Lippa. We will move to the Island of Tingloy, south of Luzon, on Monday where we will visit several villages where there is no gospel witness. We have two Medical Doctors, one Dentist, three Nurses, one Dental Assistant, and three Evangelists in our team.

We will meet medical and dental needs, as we can, in villages where there are no medical services available. Our Evangelists will present the gospel to people that come for medical help. Our goal is to help our local Missionary establish a church on Tingloy. Prayerfully, our Evangelistic efforts will give him a base to work with in the future.

We will return to Tampa on Sunday June 14th.

You can help us by praying. Please do so!