Friday, August 6, 2010

Haiti 2010

July 24th we went to Haiti on a Medical Missions Trip. Our team consisted of two doctors, five nurses and two evangelists.  We saw 900 patients and twenty two people trusted Jesus as their Savior.  We conducted five clinics; three in St. Marc and two in a remote village.  St. Mark is about three hours out of Port-Au-Prince.  The second clinic was in a remote village an hour and a half out of St.  Marc.  Port-Au-Prince is in shambles from the earthquake with countless people living in tents... The people that we saw in St. Marc and the village were incredibly poor.  

Encouraging moment; the plane into Haiti and out were both filled with teams going to Haiti from all over the US to help as they could.  We had a team of seven from South Africa join us in the remote village for two days.  Thank you for praying for us!

We are currently at home in Tampa but will be returning to Israel on the 24th... excited to be going "home" to Jerusalem and the Garden Tomb!

Tent city in Port-Au-Prince
Church in St. Marc on Sunday - Al preached
Street near St. Marc Clinic site
Al sharing the gospel...
Judy giving out Meds...
Al giving out water to thirst souls
Nadine and Susan
Dr. Emma and Nurse Pat