Monday, November 5, 2012

Nazareth Village
a Reconstructed First Century Village
Located in Nazareth, in Galilee,
much like what the village of Nazareth
would have looked when Jesus lived in Nazareth.
The First Century village of Nazareth was an agricultural village.  Families worked hard to just survive. The head of the household would have plowed his fields using a wooden plow pulled by donkeys.
 He might have been a carpenter, building furniture for himself and his neighbors.
 "Joseph" working in his Carpenter's Shop.
His wife would have spun wool.  She may have used a loom to turn the wool into material for clothes.
They would have gathered olives to make oil and grapes to make wine.
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They would have watched over their property from a "strong tower" or "watch tower."  Ever vigilant for enemies.

They would have studied Scripture in the Synagogue...
and they would have buried their dead in a tomb cut in the rock.