Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Florida 2009

We have spent more than half of our married life living in New England and are often asked; "how do you celebrate Christmas in Florida."

Duuuuhhh - just like we always did with a few modifications...

We start out attending every "Christmas" event that our grandchildren are involved in.

Grammy and Carly at Ben & Carly's school Christmas program

as you can see, Ben is glad the program is over!

We decorate for Christmas

string lights in the palm tree
we DO live in Florida!

use a FAKE snowman!

and a fake tree
some things don't change!

remember the REAL meaning of Christmas

kids and presents

Carly dressed up as her favorite character in the movie we went to see
The Chipmonks the Squeakual

good food on a special plate
hmmm wonder if anyone in Louisiana recognizes this plate?

Carly practicing her dance moves before we went to see the movie.
and YES she danced at the movie!!!