Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stepping Back in Time!
What a joy it would be to do just that... step back in time.  Imagine being able to visit Jerusalem during the days of David, Solomon, or Jesus... well we can't do that but we can step back in time one hundred thirty years to the beginning of the Garden Tomb.
Sometime in the late 1800's General Gordon of England visited Jerusalem, saw a rocky outcrop just outside the North walls of the Old City and asked; "could this be Golgotha?"  In 1894 that same piece of property was bought by a non-denominational group of believers in England and formed the Garden Tomb Association.  For over one hundred years this property has been preserved for the purpose of worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ.  Today over 250,000 visitors a year come to the Garden Tomb each year to do just that, worship our Lord!
Jeremiah's Grotto in the center of the picture, Gordon's Calvary to the left ca 1880.
Gordon's Calvary aka Skull Hill
Golgotha aka Calvary

The Tomb early 1900

The Tomb around 1911

Inside the Tomb

Wine Press

Easter Sunrise Service 1943

The Tomb 2012
That's the best we can do "stepping back in time."  A special thanks to the archives of the GTA.
How awesome to be a part of this place that God has preserved for over a hundred years as an amazing visual aid that God has used as an instrument of His Grace to draw our hearts and minds, not to worship this place, but to worship the Risen Christ!