Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Tisch Family Zoo in Jerusalem

On our day off this week we took two buses to the Tisch Family Zoo on the other side of Jerusalem.  We had been told that this was one of the cleanest zoos in the world.  We were not lied to!  The Zoo was incredibly clean.  Our venture out was an incredibly relaxing day.  Well... there was the lengthy bus ride... we did take a taxi back!  Some of the animals were native to Israel.

 This one, Hylobates Syndactylus, was not one of the native animals.

We took Carly's friend, Flat Stanley, along with us.  He had as much fun as we did.

I don't care what you say, THAT is a snake!

 Red Panda

Bear... David killed a bear...

and David killed a lion...

the Zoo is located in a beautiful area.

a Jewish chicken?  I don't think so... but then again, we don't know what it is other than a pretty bird!

Noah's Ark?

and even deer... no hunting season though.  Sorry Tim, leave the guns at home.  We had a wonderful relaxing day and decided that when the kids visit next year, they must go to the zoo.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Catching up in Jerusalem

We have finally sorted out (British term) our computer issues... Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Sunday morning we went through the Old City with our Brit friends, the Haywoods, to the City of David on the south side of the walled city of Jerusalem.  This is the ancient site of the city of Salem (Abraham and Melchizedek).  David captured this city 3000 years ago and made it his capital of Israel, Jerusalem.   We visited this site when we were here before but wanted to go back with friends who had not been and to go through Hezekiah's Tunnel.

This tunnel was cut 1700 feet through solid rock from inside the city to the Gihon Springs outside the city and down in the valley of Kidron.  This allowed them to channel wanter inside the city for defense purposes.  We thought you might like to enjoy some pictures.

Looking down into the Kidron Valley 
from the City of David.
The valley was significantly deeper
in David's day.

 Our Jewish Guide, Missy, was very animated.

Looking UP from David's City to Temple Mount where Solomon built the first Temple

Ruins of a house in David's City.  David's Palace was very close to the house.  It would have been very easy for him to look down onto the roof of his neighbor's homes.

This is what the house would have looked like.

David's city was very modern for its day, complete with indoor plumbing.

Yep a 3000 year old toilet seat.
Lovely huh?

David's City 3000 years ago.
David's Palace is the large building near the top.
The Gihon Springs are in the four towers on the right.
The Pool of Siloam is inside the city walls lower left.
Hezekiah's Tunnel runs from the Gihon Springs
1700 feet to the Pool of Siloam.

There was too much water in Hezekiah's Tunnel when we last visited David's City.  But Sunday we were able to walk through the tunnel.  The tunnel was dug 300 years after David, through solid rock to the Pool of Siloam, bringing water inside the city.

Going through the Tunnel

You can see how deep the water was in places
by how much Judy's pants are wet.  
AND the water was very COLD!

Many places in the Tunnel, we had to stoop over because the ceiling was so low.  Very claustrophobic!

These steps are part of a massive staircase that let up from the Pool of Siloam to the Huldah Gates leading up to Temple Mount.  Jews would take their ritual bath at the pool before walking up to the Temple to make sacrifice.

and we have returned to the peace of the Garden Tomb.  Can you even begin to imagine the joy that fills our hearts on a daily basis to Serve our Lord in this marvelous land?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

At Home in Jerusalem!

We are at "home" in Jerusalem... and loving every minute of our life here.  Our first stop was to visit the Western Wall to pray for you.  We went on Thursday, the day many Jewish families go to the wall for their children's Bar Mitzvah, it was a little busy.
It was exciting to see the joy in the faces of the families and to feel as though we were "a part" of their celebration.  We are very excited to be back in Jerusalem, see many changes but at the same time much that is the same.
The Garden Tomb will always be our favorite place in all of Israel and to be able to serve God here shall always be a tremendous blessing in our lives.  How sweet to walk in this place every day sharing the Gospel of Peace in a wonderful setting of peace!
We are waiting for our Lord's Return...

Jen, did you notice that I am using your photography skills?