Monday, August 31, 2009

Up to Jerusalem

It is time to return to Jerusalem...
We leave tomorrow evening, September 1, 2009, and will spend two months at the Garden Tomb.
We are excited and look forward to what God has in store for us over the next two months. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Home from Cameroon

It is hard to believe that I (Al) was in Yaounde, Cameroon West Africa just a week ago! I traveled there as part of a team of twenty people with CWE. Most of the team was made up of medical personnel. Three members of the team and myself made up the Evangelism Team. We went to remote villages outside of Yaounde, set up Medical Clinics, dealt with medical and dental needs, passed out glasses and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with over a thousand people. 750 of those people responded favorably to the Gospel and trusted our Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior! It was a long, tiring journey but a journey well worth taking. Many of you, reading this bog, prayed for us. Thank you! Your prayers made the difference.

The team was well the entire time (no physical issues). The team worked togther as a well oiled machine. The weather was awesome (not too hot, not too cold, not too dry, not too wet ... just right!). Who among you prayed for "Goldilocks" Weather?

Meet the Team

We left Tampa on Friday
and arrived in Yaounde Saturday evening
with ALL of our luggage! Those of you who have
made trips like this know how crucial that is!
Sunday morning we worshipped
in a local church.

Getting ready to load up for our first clinic

The local organization we worked with in Cameroon.
We stayed in the dormintories of a Seminary
connected with this clinic.
Each morning we packed up
to go to a remote village. We drove over an hour
to most villages - over three to one!
Few roads were paved.
Fortunately, it did not rain!

Each morning, after we set up and before
we opened the clinc,
we met out front to pray.
Time to go to work

One of our Evangelists, Chris,
presenting the Gospel

Villagers waiting to be seen.

This ladies family brought her
to the clinic on a cart. I shared the
Gospel with her in the courtyard
and prayed with her as she
recieved Christ as her Savior.
We always had lots of help loading and
unloading the vans at each clinic site.

I thought my son-in-law would appreciate
this addition being added to this house.
No building codes here and not typical
construction for this village.
Still glad it didn't rain! These roads
are not fun when they are wet. Dr.
Smith told us that last year they had to
get out and walk so the van could
make it up some of the hills!
Typical housing in the villages.

Village kitchen. How would you like
to have to cook here?

Waiting to be seen.

One of the Medical teams seeing a patient.
Some of the people came early and they
all waited patiently to be seen.

Al sharing the Gospel

Fitting Reading Glasses

Medical Team

Dental Team
This was an incredible trip. God has been so kind and good to us to allow us, at this stage of our lives, to do those things most dear to us. We are home in Tampa but not for long. I go to Texas and a short visit to see relatives in Louisiana next week. We will leave for Israel Sept. 1st for two months at the Garden Tomb. Thank you for praying for us in our many Mission indeavors - please keep praying.